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Hey followers. You might have noticed this blog's been dead for a little bit. I'm switching to Wordpress and I have a new blog that's almost ready to go so bear with me. The URL and feed will remain the same though so stay tuned.

In the mean time, I have been posting new work on my Flickr, so please check it out there!

And for the most regular updates and news, do follow me on Twitter!

Thanks for your patience.




A new comic for The Stool Pigeon. I really quite enjoy having the broad starting point of 'music' to build a strip from. I'm hoping to collect these as a music themed compilation when I've done a bunch more.

Click for a large, readable version (though I suspect you're gonna figure that out anyway.)


Ferocious Quarterly

Also... I have two pages in issue two of Ferocious Quarterly. It's split over two books, each printed in two spot colours (blue/grey, red/grey). I'm in The Red Book.

It's looking like it'll be really nice and I'm extremely stoked about sharing page space with folks like Matthew Lyons, Jez Burrows, John Martz and Travis Lampe.

Will no doubt upload the comic some time soon, but for now here's a preview and you can order the book here.




A Graphic Cosmogony

On top of Hildafolk, I have a comic in Nobrow's new amazing-looking anthology 'A Graphic Cosmogony'. 24 artists tell their own creation myths in 7 pages rather than 7 days. As well as being just really pretty looking, I'm really excited by the wildly varying approaches to comics that the anthology seems to offer.

Here is a preview of what I have to offer.

You can order it here now!




My debut proper solo comic Hildafolk is now available to pre-order from Nobrow Press!

Follow the link for more details and page previews.

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MCM Expo

This weekend (Friday to Sunday) I will be at MCM Expo in London. I will be at table C87 in the Comics Village which I will be sharing with Edward Ross whose comics are really good.

I will be selling Dull Ache (optimistically labelled #1), a 40 page b/w comic/zine/thing that is a collection of new and old comics, drawings and sketchbook pages.

For the Luke Pearson completist, I will also be selling a slim, print version of Some People, which includes the comic, some peeks at the preliminary work that went into it and... a cover!

If you are going to MCM or you're in London or whatever, come and hang out with me.

These will be available to order online in the very near future.

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Sol Pop 3 Preview

Here's a mysterious little teaser of my 4 page comic for the latest Solipsistic Pop.

It's 80 pages of comics designed to be accessible to readers of all ages by a heap of amazing UK talent and I can testify that it's really, really good.

You can pre-order your copy here.


Domestic Etch

This is the back cover I did for Domestic Etch, a really nice little independent art magazine/blog. There is an interview with me in it!

You can preview it and maybe purchase a copy here.



Secret Prison 2

This comic appears in Secret Prison 2.

Click for full size.
Why it has to be this blurry I don't know. I'm starting to get tired of blogger and its quirky ways. There may be change in the near future.



Turn Up the Colour part 2

Turn Up the Colour
And here is my piece for the aforementioned Turn Up the Colour exhibition at Analogue Books.

Turn Up The Colour
Check out photos of all the other great pieces done for the show here.
Photo of my piece in situ via Jez Burrows' Flickr.



Turn Up The Colour

Hey y'all. I know I've been quiet lately but since graduating I'm busily working behind the scenes and will have a large amount of things to show you shortly.

Most imminently though, I have a piece in Turn Up The Colour, an exhibition at awesome looking bookshop Analogue Books in Edinburgh. I'll be in the company of various artists I was already a big fan of, so it's very cool, as you can probably tell already from this awesome flyer by Ben Javens.

It runs from 31st of July to the 30th of August, so if you're in the area, go check it out!



Festivals: What it's All About

Latest music orientated comic that appears in the latest issue of The Stool Pigeon.

Click for full view and pick up a free copy at one of these many fine boutiques.



Jus' Checkin'

A comic about the perils of the Internet, especially if you're a comment-hungry, egocentric artist.



Cycle London

Cycling London
Entry to AOI's Cycling in London competition.



The Art of Solipsistic Pop

Get on down to Orbital Comics some time in the next two weeks to see original art and prints from books ones and two of Solipsistic Pop. I can't make the private view but the original line art for my Solipsistic Pop 2 cover will be on display and on sale along with work from the majority of other contributers. So check it out.



Solipsistic Pop 2 - Full Cover


Nobrow 3

Nobrow 3 is now available to buy, so here is the illustration I did for it. The theme was 'Topsy Turvy'.

The Creative Review blog was kind enough to snap my spread in situ while covering Nobrow's incredible set up at Pick Me Up, the contemporary graphic art fair.



Sol Pop Launch Party and Paper Science

Wednesday is officially the launch of Solipsistic Pop 2, for which I'm responsible for the gatefold cover and a 4 page comic inside it. It's a 64 page anthology of great UK comics artists and it's an honour and extremely exciting to be a part of it. It comes with an extra newspaper insert and a specially designed tote bag. I implore you to check it out, but you shouldn't need much imploring.

There is a launch party in London as detailed in the above flyer and further detailed here. I'll be attending so if you're in the area, come along and say hi and have a sweet time. I hear there is a free screen print for the first 20 buyers!

If you can't make it, you can order your copy here!

In other news, it's Free Comic Book Day on Saturday (apparently) and We Are Words + Pictures are releasing Paper Science 2 for free! It's 16 full colour pages and I have contributed an Equine Prophet adventure to it. It's not a new one, but it's the only place you'll find it in print for the time being. Pick it up from Orbital Comics in London on Sunday or watch out for the print-ready PDF on the WAW+P site so you can print your own run! The cover is by Philippa Rice of My Carboard Life, one of my favourite webcomics.






A Sound Arrangement

A new comic for the latest issue of The Stool Pigeon (though I've tweaked the colours and a few little bits since it was printed). If you're in the UK you can pick up a free copy in any of the many places listed here.




Repeating pattern made for my twitter profile.

Follow my boring thoughts and remarks on twitter here!



The Fire Tower

The Fire Tower



Bumbly Fuzz the Hoverer

Bumbly Fuzz the Hoverer



Solipsistic Pop 2 Preview

This is the front cover I've done for Solipsistic Pop 2, which will also have a 4 page comic by me in it and work from a whole bunch of talented UK comics artists. It's actually just the front section of a 4 part gatefold illustration and I'm pretty proud of the full thing, but this teaser will have to do for now.

Will keep you posted on the release date and other info, but for now, keep an eye on solipsisticpop.com

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