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Candies and Chocolate

Candies and Chocolate

"One day I dreamed that some dolphins carried me flying to an island of candies and chocolate. The body of the persons in that island was made of chocolate. They tried to say something to me, but I didnĀ“t understand and started to eat them. They (in fact, it was my sister) rushed towards me and one of them bit me (it was also my sister)."

(Ainoa/ Spain/ girl)

"elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca" is a tandem between children (who write their dreams) and artists (who illustrate them). Kids from Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, France and Germany have participated since 2002.
The book will gather around 180 illustrated dreams of Spain, Brazil and Mexico.

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People I've Never Met and Conversations I've Never Had

A Person I've Never Met
A person I've never met.

A Conversation I've Never Had
A conversation I've never had.

For Nobrow's 'People I've Never Met and Conversations I've Never Had' competition.



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This is my section for part 2 of Spera which is online now!

There are some real greats in this bit. You should deff check it out.


Luke Pearson - Illustration and Comics: February 2010

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Luke Pearson - Illustration and Comics