"Spera is an ongoing fantasy comic detailing the adventures of two princesses – Pira and Lono – and a fire spirit in the form of a dog named Yonder. Fleeing their homelands after a cataclysmic event, the trio turn their escapist fantasies into a stranger reality, venturing into a land of which they had only ever heard the tallest tales.

Written and created by Josh Tierney, Spera is a collaboration between artists from around the world, illustrated and told in consecutive sections that incorporate character designs by Sarah Ferrick. These sections form a tapestry of artistic styles and storytelling methods, turning the world of Spera into a poetic, surprising and wholly unique realm."

Above is a preview of the section I did for Part 2. The whole thing will appear once it goes up on the main site.
You should definitely check this out. There are some really great illustrators just in this first section such as Ray Jones and Afu Chan, all tackling the story in different ways, sometimes as a comic, sometimes as an illustrated tale. And there is a whole list of cool people queued up for the next 3 parts.

Read it here!


Luke Pearson - Illustration and Comics: Spera

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